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      2. ABOUT US
        ABOUT US

        Hangzhou Topmate Chemical Co.,Ltd. was established in 2010. we are one of the leading suppliers of dyestuffs, dye intermediates,and fine chemicals.  We are familiar with the business regulations in different countries and areas and know the chinese chemical market well.

        Committing to provide high quality, reasonable price and pleasant service, topmate is aimed to be a top partner of all parties. Through hard efforts of those years, topmate has established a long-term stable partnership with a number of first-class manufacturers and customers in many countries and regions in asia, north & south america, europe and africa. Together with you, we will keep trying our best to create a better future of all of us.

        In course of our business, topmate highly concerns the relationship between business and society, actively carries out environmental protection obligations, and initiatively undertakes social responsibilities that a social group should bear.




        Hangzhou Topmate Chemical Co.,Ltd. was established...


        In order to gain an in-depth understanding of the ...

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        The dye industry is an industry with a relatively long history in the ...

      4. 182022-08

        Whether it is dyes or pigments, they are all substances that can give ...

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